Friday, December 23, 2011

Body Collector "New Eden" cs

Body Collector
New Eden
Brave Mysteries

I was ready to not be that into this based purely on the cover artwork and design. I hate doing that but I admit that I totally judge things at first on their appearances. It of course cuts both ways though; I have bought a few releases thinking they were going to be scary, blackened, awesome doom/noise whatever and I was let down by some seriously uninspired SUNN0))) worship. I guess Body Collector is someone I have missed out on. This was supposed to be his final release. It's a fucking doozy. So much grime and texture is crammed onto this cassette that you may feel bad for your speakers after having heard this. It starts with just a few sounds, maybe old tools scraping the insides of a steel drum, maybe gravel rolling down a broken playground slide. Whatever it is Khristoper Reinshagen (awesome name) is using it seems pretty grim. You almost get the feeling that this is what it must sound like to be transported somewhere horrible. It crescendos into a avalanche of horrendous sounds before a grim, droning denouement. Crucial. Limited to 100 copies and probably almost gone. 

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