Friday, December 23, 2011

V/A "Days Without End" compilation cs

Days Without End

Let me start by saying that there is a lot to like about this cassette. The music is varied. There are some tracks that sound very psychedelic, some folk, some have a nice slowcore/shoegaze feel. There is a band that sounds like the Pixies. Musically the label has done a nice job of compiling some really interesting artists. I usually don't get to hear many bands like this so I was very satisfied with the music. In fact, if I were judging this cassette on the music alone I would probably give this tape a 4. It's well done in the facet and before I go on I should say that you should seek this out for the music alone (It includes a digital download of everything too). Unfortunately the cassette itself has some issues. First of all the dubbing job. It just doesn't sound as good as it could. I think it was dubbed at home on a not very good machine. Besides that all the tracks could use some mastering overall. That all aside though, the layout is just sad. It's handmade but not in a way that looks as if any time or real effort was taken. I love hand lettered/drawn text with photocopied images but this just misses the mark. I think with a little more care in the actual product this could be a stellar release. 

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