Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fantasy Island/Hadals split cs

Fantasy Island/Hadals split
Tapes of a Neon God

I don't go higher than 5 but I really wish I could. This is the best thing I have had the chance to review in a very long time. First of all let's just jump right to the names. Fantasy Island with the song "Steve Albini". Yes. Amazing. Fuck. It is fucking intense noise that just obliterates. Total junked, harsh, insanity. Completely left me hoping it would never stop and be over at the same time. Fucking perfect. Then we have Hadals with their song, "Cupcaking". Arms to the sky, happy with this. Another track of trashed out psychedelic noise. This is less scattered and twisted then Fantasy Island but it's much more ominous and horrifying. Noise lets up to reveal a huge dark cloud of synths and whispered vocals (maybe, it's hard to tell. You almost don't want to find out what those sounds below the din are). At times I wish TOANG would put out more tapes because everything they do is so good but other times I am glad they take this so seriously and do such excellent work. Beautiful double sided color j cards. 

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