Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Burial Ground "Night of the Living Dead" cs

Burial Ground
Night of the Living Dead
Worthless Recordings

Fuck. This is a perfect use of samples right off the bat. To begin the final cassette in a trilogy dedicated to George Romero, Burial Ground starts off with a sample from the movie before a total Harsh Noise Wall destroys everything…  and keeps destroying. It's unrelenting and awesome! I never heard the first part of this trilogy but I would bet that it's pretty fucking great as this and the Dawn of the Dead cs were. It's a little backward that Day of the Dead would be first and Night of the Living Dead be last but I guess that keeps Burial Ground from doing any of those later Romero movies. If the level of brutality in the sound coincides with the quality of the film than maybe he can do a Land of the Dead cassette that sounds like Coldplay. Anyhow, this is awesome and I totally recommend clicking on Worthless Recordings and buying a bit of everything on there. Great noise that often has a connection to film in one refreshing way or another. 

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