Wednesday, November 16, 2011

River's Edge cs

River's Edge cs
Worthless Recordings

This is awesome. I know I mentioned it before but Worthless recordings has decided to put movies on cassette. I used to do this before my family had a VCR in the 80's so I completely fell in love with this idea. I know I wasn't the only one. I remember visiting my friend at Kinko's late at night to make zines and whatever around 1994 and he would be listening to Reservoir Dogs on cassette. It's a experience that is all but extinct in the world of iPhones and streaming Netflix. I probably hadn't seen River's Edge in over a dozen years as well but listening to this brought it all back. I remembered every scene but doing it this way brought back memories of where I was when I saw it and with who. It came back in a way that was much different than if I had watched it. It was almost like my visual cortex was working to fill in the memory gaps of the movie so it started replaying all the things I had seen that night. I remembered the kind of TV I watched it on and where I was laying down…  Very strange. Well, to end this I offer a short list of movies I would like Worthless Recordings to release on tape before they receive a cease and desist order.

Red Dawn
Enemy Mine
Flash Gordon (those awesome Queen tracks need the sound effects)
Forbidden Zone
Reflecting Skin
Fire Walk with Me

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