Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Circle of Eyes cs

Circle of Eyes
untitled cs
the Flenser

Kevin Yuen has been spending a lot of time with Sutekh Hexen lately and no one is complaining but his other project, Circle of Eyes, does such excellent work that I hope he has no abandoned this entirely. Circle of Eyes is actually made up of three people; Kevin, Anthony from Black Fucking Cancer and James from Swamp Witch and Your Enemy. The music is massive, black, occasionally ethereal and often crushing drone. Saying it is unlike SUNN0))) would be a bit disingenuous. It sounds a bit like Flight of the Behemoth era SUNN0))) mixed with their better recent live performances. This is not a bad thing. 0))) gets referenced a lot in many works these days from many different groups. I know they weren't the creators of this music but they certainly have driven their flag deep into the psyche of pretty much all of us. Where Circle of Eyes takes their own path on this is a sense of anxiety and urgency that I think can sometimes be lacking in other metallic drone projects. They seem to move quicker and more belligerently through their cycles than other bands. They seem almost a little drunk and dangerous in a way. You can almost picture this working on a bill with Nick Cave in a crazy mixed up world where I book every show. I think it may be the vocals and piano work that gives this a dionysian flair. Lovely. The tape itself has that little problem that sorta bugs me where there is a bunch of space at the end of the first side, but that is barely an issue anymore. Sometimes you are just limited with the physical qualities of magnetic tape. Beautiful artwork. Kudos to the label for doing such excellent work on this one. Edition of 100 copies. 

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