Thursday, November 3, 2011

Actuary/Aderlating split cs

Actuary/Aderlating split cs
Curses and Conspiracies
Love Earth Music

This split is really a collaboration. Two completely unique yet similar takes on brutality through sound. Actuary's side starts with horror and screaming immediately and then just builds and builds into chaos with the addition of drumming. Like in a Crash Worship sort of sense and the drumming provided by Aderlating. In fact that is how the collaboration works. Actuary has Aderlating provide drumming and Aderlating has Actuary provide theirs. Both sides are totally twisted and amazing but also completely their own. When I mentioned Crash Worship before I should say that this did remind me of them a bit but in the best sense. In the live sense. You know how their records were good but in comparison to their live sets the recordings sort of paled. This cassette is closer to the energy, intensity and derangement of a Crash Worship show from 1995. Terrifying and enthralling all at once. Definitely recommend this cassette. 

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