Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heilig Tod cs

Heilig Tod

Totally overblown, filthy, destructive, blackened, punk, crust insanity. I almost want to call this black metal but maybe if you throw in some Accused and Infest with that sort of insanity you get after getting hit in the face. Adrenaline and hatred mixed with the metallic taste of your own blood. That's what this sounds like. This tape is a dogsend. I am very thankful. Awesome design by Stephen Wilson on some of the most backwards "j cards" I have ever seen. Very bare bones. I am also pretty sure that out of the four songs on this cassette three are on side a (totally blank cassettes by the way) and the forth is on side b. It's so counterintuitive that it makes sense. Limited to 32 copies and I believe they are all gone but if you go to WANDS page you can download it. I can't recommend this more. 

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