Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recluse/Degenerate Slug split cs

Recluse/Degenerate Slug split 
No Visible Scars

I have to say that I am digging NVS' new packaging. A tall resealable bag with a tape and an insert. I think I like this more than the 7" type packaging. Not really sure why, I just like it more. Hmm.  Anyway, the first side of this tape is by an act called Recluse. It's pretty noisy but it's more in the vein of swans or godflesh.  Not that it really sounds like either but that is the vibe i am getting. Drum machines, super effected vocals and some 80s synth sounds. It actually sounds a lot like an 80s b-movie sci-fi movie soundtrack. It's pretty unique. Degenerate Slug is filthy. Really lo-fi noisy weirdness with a touch of black metal. Interesting to say the least. They say this recording is inspired by dissecting table, sleep disorders, swans, abruptum, cheap wine, goblin, havohe j and drugs. You can hear it. It's pretty awesome. I dig the lo-fi under produced nature of both sides of this one. Pretty solid. 

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