Sunday, July 31, 2011

Freewitch/J.Bartee split cs

Freewitch/J. Bartee splt cs
the Yellow Air of Spring/Also, Yes

This is fucking great! Seriously, I don't want to get too into the packaging first but just know that I love it. We will get to it. Freewitch rides some pretty spacey and psychedelic synth waves. It's almost like what an ocean in Tron should sound like. Like maybe a lo-fi Tangerine Dream at their best. Definitely in league with some of the better Klaus Schultz stuff I have been listening to lately. J. Bartee is a different cat all together. This starts off with drums, chimes, bass lines and some funky accordion playing. I am pretty sure they are all created with the same synthesizer but it sounds pretty awesome. Really out there space funk that also brings to mind some of the more odd experiments from the 70's. It's real short before some odd little ditty comes in that I swear has birds chirping along. Maybe laser guns. Either way it's refreshing and fascinating. Now the the artwork. Max Clotfelter is one of my favorite artist these days. He does comics that remind me of why i liked Renee French, Dave Cooper, KAZ and Julie Doucet. His work is stunning and intense and his care in packaging is nothing short of inspiring. He created a slipcase (full bleed) that encases a stenciled poly case (just be careful as nothing really sticks to a poly case except stickers). Inside that is a double sided insert and then a stenciled cassette. The artwork is great as always. Buy his comics and definitely get one of these cassettes. He will be doing four in this series. This is the first and I almost forgot to mention this, there are only 25. Good luck.

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