Sunday, July 31, 2011

Actuary/Bacteria Cult split 7"

Actuary/Bacteria Cult split 7"
Vomitcore Music

I have mentioned in the past about how I can't really listen to this music around my daughter because it might scar her. I have mostly been exaggerating. She really pays little attention to what I am listening to. She is more into the Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba. This record… How do I put this? If I had let my daughter hear this it would be child abuse. This is dangerous. Truly. Both sides are great. Really intense noise that feels full of hatred and horror. Wonderful work from both of these California artists but one side in particular is really noteworthy. You may have heard some spew hyperbole about how noise can sound like a soundtrack for a snuff film. Well the Actuary side sounds like an actual audio recording of a snuff film. I felt a little ill after hearing this. It sounds like someone is being stabbed and tortured along with some other intense sonic evils. I hear "h was going to help me find my son!", "Stop it! Stop it!" "You want to know what is going on…" I am not sure what is happening but it can't be good. I never enjoy samples usually but this just works great. Also, if you accidentally listen to this on 33 you might die. It's brutal in a way that nothing will ever be brutal again. This is horror.

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