Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rj Myato "drew blood" cs

RJ Myato
Drew Blood
Strabismus Tapes

This hits me like a headache. There is something almost nauseating about the sounds on this tape. I love RJ Myato's work and this is no exception. This has such a weird faraway, HAM radio sound that you can imagine that in the future this might be the kind of music people listen to after a long hard day of killing Terminators. It's short but tragic. Great work. The packaging was a nice attempt but it had kinda fallen apart by the time it got to me. The design is nice but there is some jute twine that I don't think really works with the more modern design of the layout. It's a little unfocused in that department but you gotta hand it to someone who basically designs a brand new kind of slip case for a cassette. You should still try to grab this right away as there is only 25 of these. I am going to keep an eye out on this label.

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