Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sky Burial "dream decimator" cs

Sky Burial
Dream Decimator
Cathartic Process

Holy shit. How did I miss this one? I have done you all a disservice by not reviewing this immediately and forcing you all to buy one. This is incredible. When you hear it I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I think the cover art kinda through me off at first. It's not bad but it's really not my thing. I am not a huge fan of collage and when I saw how long the tape was I think I was assuming this was going to be some epic self indulgent nonsense. How fucking wrong I was. This is long, make no mistake but it is excellent all the way through. Huge waves of sounds that crash around you. Every frequency is being utilized but this is not a HNW. This is layered. This is like the soundtrack to the Earth being created. Lightning strikes of high pitched crackling synths, undulating waves of sub bass drone, deconstructed rhythms and sudden but somehow comforting explosions of harsh noise. It's fucking great. As beautiful in it's sonic delivery as an actual sky burial is to it's corpse. I am in awe.

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