Friday, July 15, 2011

Tusk/Skarabee split cs

happy shopper/eardrum
self released? (Stuart Chalmers)

This is madness. Immediately from Tusk (not the metal band) you get a loop of a child laughing that starts to evolve into some of the worse things you can imagine. I am actually a little fearful for my brain for having listened to this. Fortunately under all of this there is a high pitched synth note that when it wavers slightly you get something to grab onto. Unfortunately however, a second child's laugh loop then comes in… it just gets more fucked up from there. I love the existence of this. It really, really crazy. Honestly, I am a little worried. Side B is just as fucked up with Skarabee's track. It's like junk jazz loops, R2D2, and that sound Cylons used to make all torn apart in a blender. When someone starts screaming it just gets worse. I love it. You will too. The packaging is a repurposed Sean Maguire cassingle from 1995 wrapped in what can only be what left of Sean's hit "Someone to Love". Tragic.

Check out some samples:
01-Eardrum ( or how to lose your hearing and neighbours) by S.Chalmers tusK
02 - happy shopper (or how to lose friends and money) by S.Chalmers tusK

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