Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stephen O'Malley "רומיאו (Romeo)" cs

Stephen O'Malley
‎רומיאו (Romeo)
Editions Mego

The second in a series of three cassettes, this is recorded live in Jerusalem early this year. A loud, epic glacier of solo guitar noise. This thing doesn't fuck around at forty plus minutes but it needs to be heard in one continuous sitting. The guitar work on this release moves in such subtle and interesting ways that you really might miss some intricacies if you were to passively listen. I encourage you to sit and dissect some of the sounds that come through on this cassette. Piano, synth, violins and maybe vocals seem to be in the mix but it's all guitar. It's pretty amazing to behold. In an edition of 250 copies and packaged with a jcard/booklet full of beautiful and appropriate artwork.

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