Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trogpite "noise fancy" cs

Noise Fancy
Lighten Up Sounds

This starts with dragging. The sounds of long, even strides dragging something behind it. It is most likely not really a recorded dragging, but it is the first thing the entered my mind. This thing carves a swath through your mind. It's huge, epic and doesn't ever let up. When I was very young I had a terrible fever that almost killed me. Some sort of "asian flu" or something. In the days I laid in bed trying to watch cartoons and drink 7up, I remember hours of horrible waking fever induced nightmares. There was one in particular where a giant hulking machine was slowly dragging itself across a desert landscape towards me. It must have been miles wide in my mind because even though it was barely over the horizon, it took up the whole sky. I remember screaming. This tape sounds like that. It's actually kinda bumming me out… The layout totally adds to the experience. Since it's been spray painted you kinda get a headache from opening it. The artwork is dreadful and wonderfully done. The text is all in crazy-person typewriter style. It's a good one.

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