Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mamiffer // House of Low Culture // Merzbow "Lou, Lou..." 2xLP

Mamiffer // House of Low Culture // Merzbow 2xLP
Lou Lou...
Sige Records

This is a live collaborative 2xLp in every way. The first side has Mamiffer with Atsuo from Boris playing their beautiful and haunting piano driven minimalism. The second side is HOLC and Merzbow playing the spaces in between the notes in a subtle and interesting way and the third and final side is a three way collaboration. It's pretty well recorded and sounds wonderful, although there is amount where the audio kinda falls away like there was a flaw but it is fleeting and forgivable. This sounds like it was probably a show not to miss and if you don't live in Tokyo you don't have to. Beautifully packaged with a etching on the D side. Limited to 330 copies and there are still some available out there. I guess it is also sold as a cd/dvd from Daymare.

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