Monday, August 1, 2011

Sleep of Ages/a-m #2 split cs

Sleep of Ages/a-m #2 split cs
Strabismus Tapes

a-m #2 starts off this split with some nice low end grinding tones. Sorta like Emaciator, which is something I am quite fond of. Really understated crackling harsh drone pieces that move into each other quite smoothly. I find this to be almost relaxing in it's delivery. The segues between tracks is masterful as it seems almost like one long piece but it's made up of very different approaches. Sleep of Ages sounds a little like 1970's sci-fi sound effects meets Clive Barker's earlier films. Scary and cinematic. For some strange reason I keep thinking of ROM the Space Knight. No idea why. It moves into smashing bottles with the accompaniment of synth drones. Pretty cathartic stuff. I think after seeing John Wiese this week I am a little non plussed by this approach but it's still cool to hear. The layout is nice with it's screen printed obi strip around a poly case. The only issue i have with the layout is that there is a big sticker on the back that says "limited edition" with the number (there are only 50 by the way). If it said "limited to 50 copies" or "edition of 50 copies" i don't think i would notice but "limited edition" just screams eBay or QVC or something. I know that is a silly thing to focus on but it kinda hit me strange. Oh well, who am I to criticize that?

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