Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hanged Man Vol. 1 cs

Hanged Man Vol. 1 cs
Hanged Man Recordings

So full disclosure, I am on this comp. Right off the bat I want you to know that, but there are also nine other amazing artists and I think it would be a total shame not to let you know about this release. Anyhow, here we go… As far as I know all of these artists are from the Pacific Northwest. Every artist has their own perspective but works very much in the over simply defined genre of experimental music. Megabats plays beautiful layered synth music controlled by Nintendo Gameboys, Kristian Garrard explores electric minimalism while Karnak Temples creates a whirl of guitar drones and what almost sounds like distant trumpets. There are moments of pysch inspired folk from Josh Medina and totally deconstructed acoustic sounds from Sokai Stilhed. Some tracks can be dark and dreadful, like from Thunder Grey Pilgrim where others are just gorgeous. Them, There plays some absolutely haunting guitar tinged drone mixed with what sounds like field recordings from a cold and distant island. I would say the most out there track is from Inh Halentropy. It's got a Kraut Rock/Pysch Rock vibe but it almost reminds me of some of Dario Argento's early title sequence soundtracks. Real spacey stuff. Nightjar is also very strange and beautiful. This comp comes highly recommended. Nice screenprinted covers and limited to 100.

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