Monday, August 1, 2011

Nyqhil Chakra "Ascendency Rising" cs

Nyquil Chakra
Ascendency Rising
Soccermom Ebonics

Soccermom Ebonics is the only label i think that is allowed to use store bought Maxwell cassettes anymore. Headed by both members of Sparklegirl, this label has a catalog that rivals American Tapes in it's vastness. Cassettes, cdrs, micro cassettes, 8-tracks, lathe cut vinyl, zip disks and probably tin cylinders are all in their back catalog and trying to collect it all is impossible. I have the honor of owning a 1 of 1 cassette/cdr box set and I am not the only one to receive one of their one of a kind box sets or edition of 5 cdrs. It's thankfully just too much. So anyhow… Nyquil Chakra is made up of one half of Sparklegirl and someone who's name i didn't catch but is referred to as TB. Tyler maybe… I forgot. It's a c60 filled with so much pedal manipulation of high pitched frequencies that you actually feel a little beaten down by it's nonstop intensity. It's like the collective thoughts of every dying insect was strung together into sixty minutes of piercing screams and tones. Then injected directly into your brain. It's fucking endurance that's required to take this trip but it's worth it. Oh yeah. You'll want to stay through till the end of the credits. As always, a non descriptor Maxwell c60 with a xeroxed j card makes up this simple but wonderful packaging. Edition of 50.

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