Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Violent Pink "In Currents" 2xcs

Violent Pink
In Currents 2xcs

Wow. This is aptly named. Violent, intense, massive… I could go on. Violent Pink's intensity on this recording is literally impossible to contain. There are moments where the audio just can't handle what is happening and just disappears. This vanishing is not a moment of calm though. It's like the part in Friday the 13th where Jason was standing right there and now you have lost sight of him. You know that the next time you see him something very unpleasant will happen to your guts. Across it's two cassettes you get controlled feedback, HNW mixed with desperately twisted screaming. It's like a huge overstuffed bed of hatred. I love this. Nicely packaged in those things that books on tape used to come in. Looks like they only made 50 copies but i bet you could find a copy from the label if you hurry. Good luck.

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