Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mink Stolen cs

Mink Stolen
Self Released

I love Mink Stolen. Again I need to mention that I have collaborated with this wonderful human being who goes by the name, Chris Negrete. Musically this is tops. Right up there with many of my favorite Hanson Releases. Deliberate grinding synths and vocal manipulations twist and turn over three short tracks. Really this is perfect in length. This being the first release from Mink Stolen since the name change from Mink Stole (see: lawyers/Nancy). I fully recommend this. My only issues with it are these: The music is quite a bit shorter than the length of the tape so you get a lot of dead space at the end. Which is something I have done before and got shit for it from a peer. Also, there is nothing on the other side of the tape. I guess when you put those two things together it kinda works out because you are going to want to just rewind right away when you get to the end of the music. Either way, I recommend you just on this. This was from an edition of 18 copies and there are six left on his webstore. Each has a totally unique cover. Beautiful.

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