Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Filth "Winter Mind" cs

Winter Mind
Out of Body Records

 Filth is pretty brutal noise. It's lo-fi, pulverizing, hypnotic noise that constantly breaks apart and reforms into something slightly more fucked up than when you last had a handle on it. It's dirty and blown out and almost comforting. It reminds me a bit of Self Communion or maybe Windscale. I want to say that is is very KVLT but I am too old to know what that really means. I know this tape is dark, harsh and uncomfortable. There are some pretty heavy vocals throughout but they get to be a bit much at times. In that same way that Black Metal vocals can some times overwhelm the music, the vocals on here sometimes overwhelm the noise. I know some people love this effect but I always felt like vocals are more for contrasting other sounds and when vocals are too loud it kinda makes everything else sound kinda weak. That is not really as issue throughout this release though. Only in a couple spots. All in all this is a solid release from a clearly fucked up mind. The packaging is fitting. Mine arrived with the case broken and chopped up bits of magnetic tape spilling out. Appropriate to say the least. The artwork is well done, in fact Out of Body Records has a cool aesthetic in general that carries over their releases. Check this label out.

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