Thursday, September 22, 2011

Igloo Martian/Bud Cort split cs

Igloo Martian/Bud Cort split cs
Worthless Recordings

Igloo Martian wins my favorite new band name award. It has that random weirdness that would totally draw me to a show if I saw that name on a flyer. Igloo Martian is a piercing if not slightly subdued example of HNW. There is some overall swaying dynamics throughout the piece that almost give it a verse/chorus/verse feel that I am sure is not there. It's almost an audio mirage. The moments where the sounds change their shape to sound like incoming artillery is my favorite. Bud Cort is an awesome actor. He was in Harold & Maude so I know you know him. It is doubtful to me that this Bud Cort is the actor but I appreciate the reference. This side starts with a sample which, regardless of the sample, usually kinda rubs me the wrong way. I am not totally sure why…  Anyhow, this is also HNW and it's totally awesome. Thick, brutal and never-ending. All in all this is a solid release. Simple j cards and minimal packaging. 

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  1. such a great tape! jamming it for the first time right now. only on the igloo martian side but its incredible!!!!