Saturday, September 10, 2011


untitled cs
Imperial Noir

Absolutely. Yes. Very pleased with this one. This is what I am always on the lookout for. Dark, bleak and hopeless. This exists in the same place of my mind for me as Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Emaciator. It's that sounds that feels like you are trapped in the belly of a hulking freighter as it slowly rumbles towards oblivion and all you can here are the distant sounds of the engine, crew and whatever hellish flotsam is smashing against the thick hull. When people try to put music to hell in films I really wish they would take a listen to stuff like DHUSK. This would fit well in an early David Lynch film as you can hear some Eraserhead similarities in there, but it is much less dramatic and more powerful. You feel like these sounds are always going on somewhere. It's actually sorta terrifying. Go get this. There are only 20 copies… which is crazy for something this good. Good luck.

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