Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fear Konstructor "Return to Reason" cs

Fear Konstruktor
Return to Reason
Strabismus Tapes

Really amazing work here from both the composer, the illustrator and the label. This is an example of when collaborations between the audio, visual and the fabrication really come together. The sounds on this cassette are gorgeous and troubling drones. Moments of possible field recordings add an organic and uncontrollable feel. Trains maybe. Wind storms…  it's hard to say but it creates a completely realized world. This is really well done. Highly recommended. I also want to mention how nicely done the artwork is. The illustration is amazing black and white line work  by Artaksiniya and the design looks as if it was handled by Steve, who runs the label. They are both clearly skilled in their approaches. This run of 30 copies is packaged in a green bag with a full color double sided, backwards folded J card and some actual foliage. I guess there is a version of this release that comes in numbered tins with an extra tape and a ton of plants packed in there… I assume in time they will break down but that will just be even more perfect for this release.

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