Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nervous Corps "Obsessive Anthems" 2xcs

Nervous Corps
Obsessive Anthems 2x cs
Void Seance

Excellent double cassette of mostly HNW from the clean shaven half of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Wm. Rage. This is four pieces spread out over two cassettes that, to me, seem to make one big piece. The first cassette starts with a seemingly never ending landslide of distortion titled Anthem II. There is no Anthem I on this release. The B side continues the onslaught but with a totally different tone. There is an almost musical note behind the wall on this one. The other tape continues the same trajectory of distortion and oppression except for the final track, Hatred. Hatred stands out the most on this release. It's a similar beast as the other tracks but it's more subtle and slow. It sort of stews. The whole thing is brutal in it's sound and artwork. Black tapes with artwork on both sides, simple j cards in cases that are bound together in a black paper strap. Limited to 20 copies. The label's website is down but I put a link to their Big Cartel page in the right hand column. Good luck. 

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