Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burial Ground "Dawn of the Dead" cs

Burial Ground
Dawn of the Dead
Worthless Recordings

I am really starting to love this label, Worthless Recordings. First of all they do amazing shit like put all of the movie, River's Edge, on audio cassette and make it limited to 17 copies (I must see if they have any more as this reminds me of when I was little in the 1980's and we didn't have a vcr, I would record movies on tape all the time. I wore out my Red Dawn cassette by listening to it every single night for a whole summer.) and then they are doing this excellent trilogy of cassettes by Burial Ground that are dedicated to three George Romero zombie films. I know zombies are kinda everywhere these days but that doesn't make them any less great. Especially those early Romero movies. I could go off on a tangent about how the Walking Dead TV show is superior to the comic or how World War Z had the potential of being the best zombie film of all time but now is going to completely suck shit, but I will resist. In fact, lets actually discuss the audio. Burial Ground deliver a c32 of pure HNW. It's wonderfully executed with just a touch of dynamics to keep your ears engaged. There is maybe some harsh vocals in there, especially at the end, but it's hard to say. It's HNW in the way that Slates, Dried Up Corpse and Taskmaster are. It's gorgeous. I am not a fan of single sided cassettes. I think it's weird. Why not just put the same thing on both sides? I guess it's an aesthetic choice and maybe it's cool or something but rewinding is my least favorite part about owing a cassette. That is why i always listen to the whole thing. Still a very strong release. 

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