Saturday, September 10, 2011

dBpm "Music to Fuck to" cs

Music to Fuck to
Cthonic Records

I love the idea that some weirdos out there might actually fuck to this. Although we are both weirdos, my wife and I would probably not be that into it. Dead Meadow? Yeah, we can rock that but gritty drone? That is probably not going to happen. For those few couples out there that could truly fuck to noise and drone this may be up your alley. Figuratively. This cassette is actually pretty short, probably about 10 minutes per side, so in that way it's probably pretty realistic for most people to fuck to. Both sides contain some beautiful if not slightly harsh waves of drone. The first of these sides comes in waves so huge it sounds like you are listening to this while on a giant pendulum. The second side is a bit more straight forward in it's delivery but a bit more potent. It's a great release musically. The packaging is also noteworthy. The cassette is packaged in a reclaimed cigarette box with a real hand rolled cigarette inside. The insert has all the info and is designed to fit perfectly with it's box. Well done. Really an extra point for the execution here. Definitely check this one out. 

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  1. Dude. You have sex to Dead Meadow? That's awesome...