Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ural Umbo—II cs

Ural Umbo
Merzbild Tapes

Immediately you are hit with glacial wave after wave of concentrated beauty. Fuck I love this. This is why drugs are so wonderful. They take you to places that you can’t get on your own. Or are at least very hard to find on your own. This cassette has a whole world inside it and it’s such a beautiful, tragic and sometimes terrifying world. Go find it. 

It looks pretty great, of course, as all of their releases do. This I think is layer after layer of color xerox on transparent vellum. It’s pretty weird. The only think I would have done differently, but maybe it’s because I have access to this, is that I would have professionally scored the inserts. It makes a huge difference and allows the paper to bend properly. Maybe it would be hard though… I will try…

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