Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Harassor—Archives Vol. 1 cs

Archives Vol. 1
Universal Consciousness

So this is pretty fucking raw. It’s boombox recordings of Harassor rehearsal which is mostly improvised. This isn’t a tape of them working on a part for any hour or anything like that but it’s still very much a rehearsal recording. There are some edits and it actually comes together as almost a study of the band. This is sort of the musical version of an artist’s sketchbook. Growing up I always loved when publishers would publish sketchbooks from Bill Sienkiewicz, Kent Williams or whoever’s comics I was really into at that time. This is like that. It’s pretty satisfying if you are a Harassor fan. Which I am. The tape looks great. Mine is the second edition and I don’t know if anything has changed but even though these are DIY they are still very much made with care to quality. Nice. 

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