Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Charnel House—Voiceless Hymns cs

Charnel House
Voiceless Hymns
Auris Apothecary 

This cassette is a repress of two previous out-of-print releases, the self titled cs & Charnel House/Agakus split. I can see why they went out of print. This is thick, dark, wicked blackened bedroom drone that is dying to suffocate you. First off, it came in a screen printed cloth bag with a small jar full of bone fragments. This is great. Right away you know what you are getting into… or at least you think you do. Then it just buzzes, grinds and fucks with you. I figured this would be killer by the label (whom always has good taste) and the presentation and I was not wrong. This is great. This is evil. This is to be heard. 

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