Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hex Horizontal—Act Natural cs

Hex Horizontal
Act Natural
Geweith Ritual

Hex Horizontal is headed for huge things. These guys fucking kill it. This was recorded by Bob Weston and they couldn’t have picked a better guy to capture what they can do with a decent room. It’s so twisted and interesting. Bass/synthesizers and drums are all this is a guess but it sounds like a whole movement. Fucking killer.

This tape looks incredible. The tape itself is laser etched on what appears to be a mirrored cassette. The case is this killer little box I have never seen before with die cut foil labels on the outside. The whole thing seems important. This belongs on your shelf. Only 50. Grab one. 

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  1. Hey this is geweih ritual, thanks for the write up but there was error on one of the credits you mentioned this album was not recorded by Bob Weston it was recorded by Steve Albini the vinyl was mastered by Bob but he didn't do anything involving the tape or the actual recording.