Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Champagne Mirrors—Extended Communication Technique cs

Champagne Mirrors
Extended Communication Technique

So this is the newer solo project of Alex from Oakeater. It’s really nothing like Oakeater but it’s damn good. Feverish electronic tracks that are unique and complete stand alone pieces all on their own. Often times with this type of music I find it to be a little… samey? If that is a word. It’s like someone comes up with a sound they like and they just ride that one thing until everyone is bored. Each of these songs are totally able to stick in your mind for different reasons. They are still completely cohesive and flow like a album should but each one is a treasure all it’s own. This is rare. I really hope Alex does more from this project. The packaging quality is really high as well. A nice black box with a small folded insert. The artwork is great as well. The whole thing is just well thought out. 

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