Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alexandra Atnif—Mix.1. (c-90) cs

Alexandra Atnif
Mix.1. (c-90)

Not sure where this came from. Sometimes I get tapes in the mail with nothing on them at all. This demo came with a very small handwritten bio in broken english. Apparently this is a Romanian girl living in LA who is working on some crazy minimalist industrial techno stuff. It’s dark and horrifying and I sort of love this person. Of course I am though. I am a pathetic beta male who gravitates towards any woman with this much moxy. Anyhow, I don’t know how you will find this. The case and tape were completely covered in gray spray paint with some stenciled text on the J card and some random art inside. It’s pretty great and I hope you can find it. The bio said something about brutalist architecture and I get it from the layout. I guess go on a google hunt…

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