Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Two of the coolest things I have receiving in a long time.


So this showed up awhile ago and I can’t remember who sent it. It has a brother as well that I am reviewing here as well. First of all, this is what I am talking about. The packaging, the music… It’s all fantastic. I am really happy about this. Weird, handmade stuff like this is why I got into tapes so many years ago. The music is this meditative synth wonder and the package is bananas. It’s a tape (spray painted) in a cloth bag with a bead made from coyote bone and ocotillo. There are pieces of plants and a large fold-out drawing with handwritten infomation. Here is some of what is one there. First the info: “some of the paint I used was made with plant & other organic material. Matter collected in the desert.” On the poster I have some kanji and then it says A John. Rec 4/23–24/15. •Roland Piano 2k f 50–35 •Small & large wooden temple blocks •Amplified Bowl then it says TSPNTH.bandcamp.com but that url doesn’t exist. It’s a very cool package and kinda nuts. If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know. 


The red tape?
not sure?

So this one is another amazing work of art. This one has another spray painted tape but his time there are jewels to let me know which is side a and which is side b. It is housed in a sewn fabric pouch with a glittery band holding it together. Inside is a small book that is made of many hastily cut pages. Most have writing or drawings on them. Here are some things that are written inside, the first are song titles I believe: 

1. The Further You Skirt Around the Edge of the Chasm the Wider it Becomes

2. Pure Land. Etheric Doubles 1. Goblins. Letitia. Etheric Doubles 2. Quail Cools it’s Wings.

Motas Vaeta Daries

Head of Golden Fire Neck of Air Ast Sa Neb Ent Kher Maten Matet Mountain with a Single Staff Atop 


Sea Ensemble

 and some names.

It’s different and I love it. I am not sure exactly what I am looking at or listening to though. The music is varied. Some rythms made from sticks and bones. Some guitar work. Some synths… It’s pretty lovely. I’m lucky to have it. 

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