Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lord Time—A Destiny of Death cs

Lord Time
A Destiny of Death
Universal Consciousness

I think this might be the final Lord Time release. Everything about it, the cover, the title, the tone… It all says, this is it. I feel bad I couldn’t get to this right after it showed up in the mail a handful of months ago because you may have missed this. I love Lord Time. In the world of bedroom black metal this is one of my favorites. I have paid plenty of my own money of Lord Time stuff and so should you. This cassette is probably the most beautiful thing Lord Time has ever done. There is plenty of brutal and blazing on here but there is a lot of pensive, sad and deliberate parts that really hold my interest. Parts that remind me of Klaus Schultz and parts that sound almost like a forgotten, tragic symphony playing to no one. The whole thing is beautiful. I hope you find it. I mean, I hope it finds you.

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