Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weeping Swords "Death Wins Every War" cs

Weeping Swords
Death Wins Every War
Worthless Recordings

Again, not at all what I was expecting. Weeping Swords sorta creates their own genre here. It's like blackened Badalamenti or something. Sad swelling synths accompanied by minimal drums and driven by some completely brutal screaming. It's gorgeous and horrific at the same time. I think the Twin Peaks soundtrack is a pretty good comparison to some of the music on here. I think maybe just have that dude from Xasthur sing over it and you have a decent idea of what you might find on this release. There are other tracks that are just solid ambient doom as well but with a different feel than you may be used to. The audio is mastered a bit quiet and that's a tiny bit of a bummer but this release is super fucking solid, just turn it up loud and be prepared to cry yourself into a nightmare. 

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