Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Cum cs

Black Cum
self released

So yeah…  This is fucking insane. Really terrible and hard to listen to but at the same time kinda awesome. There is little in the way of music or even noise on this cassette. It sounds like ti was recorded on a small radioshack cassette recorder in a wreck room somewhere.There is lots of badly scream/sung lyrics about killing the president, killing cops, drinking, drugs and what have you. I actually love how they refer to themselves from time to time like "this is what happens when Black Cum gets fucked up on drugs and booze". They do that kind of thing a lot. Not sure if there is any real instruments, maybe acoustic guitar, maybe a tambourine but after that I think I am hearing cardboard boxes, and whatever was in the room at the time of recording. The also spend some time discussing "the album" at the end of the cassette and the results are hilarious. Its pretty nuts. I think this is worth hearing once at least for the line "if you're going to kill a cop, it might as well be a pregnant cop." What the fuck? This stream of consciousness, while being both ignorant and precious at the same time, is ultimately a failure. It is a pretty glorious failure though and I think that is what they are going for. When I got this in the mail the note inside said "Hey Demian, Wondering if you could review this. It's self released & it's just terrible. Thanks. -Black Cum" No problem guys. By the way, awesome name. 

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