Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Robert Ridley-Shackleton "Super Goaty Mix Tape" cs

Robert Ridley-Shackleton
Super Goaty Mix Tape
Goaty Tapes

I was fully not expecting this. Not at all. This is awesome lo-fi, no-rock, bedroom trash rock and it's fucking great. Drums machines and lunatic bass playing perfectly accompanies some very strange lyrics. The music kinda sounds like if 1950's rock n roll was the last genre ever explored and it has just evolved and mutated into a weird bastard over the last 60 years. It's subversive and strange. The way the levels are mixed is fucking crazy. It almost sounds like it was recorded into a four track that did not have the option of adjusting input levels so he just said "fuck it" and went with it. "My husband comes home every night wanting food on the table and to beat up my face" Yup, this guy is something special. I had not heard of this label before but their aesthetic is amazing and the tapes are beautiful. I am pleased to have discovered both Robert and Goaty Tapes. Really good work. The tape here includes three full lengths by Robert Ridley-Shackleton: Here Comes Robby, Prick with a Stick and Ugly. It is a bit on the long side and there is very little in the way of information in the actual release but I think you will be happy. 

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