Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lord Time "Black Hole at the End of the Tunnel" cs

Lord Time
Black Hole at the End of the Tunnel
Universal Conciousness

I was very stoked to see this arrive as the last Lord Time cassette was amazing. BHATEOTT is no exception. There are 20 short tracks that all sort of swirl and blend together on this cassette. Still excellent and twisted lo-fi black metal but there is a lot more to the overall piece on this one. Moments of noise, psychedelic, drone and neo-folk add some much interesting contrast that you will need to listen to this many times to get it all. Some songs rage with blast beats and super fast discordant guitars while others sound like a funeral dirge at a concentration camp. Bleak. This is totally crucial and I can't recommend this enough. Amazing letterpressed j cards and cassettes covered in real blood as usual. 

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