Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mawdryn cs

Universal Consciousness

Mawdryn is a one man atmospheric drone/metal project by Roskva (Lightning Swords of Death & Endless Blizzard). It's a really fucking heavy revelation. Giant slow riffs with pummeling drums and synths that makes something absolutely enormous. To borrow an idea from the UC's website, this is pure Satanic Majesty. When people say drone/metal they probably think Sunn 0))), Habsyll, Black Boned Angel or something in that vein but Mawdryn deserves it's own place in the genre. This may be my favorite new release and I will be wearing this one out. Limited to 100 copies so get this. This is going to be huge. Vinyl and cd represses… all that stuff. Hell, I would love to reissue it on my label. Letter pressed jcards as usual. Beautiful (ignore the cracked case). 

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