Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jessika Kenny & Eyvind Kang "Aestuarium" 12"

Jessika Kenny & Eyvind Kang
Ideological Organ/Editions Mego

This is truly unbelievable. Listening to this made me realize how small my musical world really is. I want to pretend I know a lot about metal, jazz, folk, noise, whatever… but in reality I inhabit a very small corner of an entire universe of music. The whole of this recording is made up of interplay between the human voice, performed by Jessika Kenny, and viola, performed by Eyvind Kang. I have been a little familiar with some of their collaborative works, most recently they both worked on Monoliths and Dimensions by SUNN0))) on the track "Big Church". The music is so beautiful and flawless on this record. It can sound like it's from Ireland, Isreal and Tibet all at the same time. This is evidence of why the spiritual and the musical are so intwined. This is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. My eyes have been opened and I want to see more. Apparently this is a vinyl repressing from a cd release in 2005 and Stephen O'Malley has given this a wonderful treatment. His design and care in the production of these records are apparent. Definitely a must for anyone searching for something they haven't found yet.


  1. This is an amazing recording, no doubt about it. Everything that Stephen O'Malley has done for Editions Mego is wonderful. Check out that Phurpa 2xLP - it is astonishingly dark and beautiful work, and will further reveal what a small part of the musical universe we inhabit. I can't recommend it enough.