Saturday, October 8, 2011

Night Heir "Wind in my Dreams, Mist in my House" cs

Night Heir
Wind in my Dreams, Mist in my House
Secret Lexicon

You really have to hand it to this one for the scale of this record alone. Ten tracks that spread over about 40 minutes of continuous neo-folk, black metal, and prog. There are some very interesting uses of unique percussion and a huge choir of voices. Sometimes the vocals get a little too sing song for me but there is usually a tinge of madness behind those vocals and that really helps carry it. The songs are huge and sprawling and it's really difficult to figure out where one starts and another ends. There are moments, my favorite moments, where things almost start to sound a little like Voivod. You can't go wrong with that. There are other moments of ambient black metal that fades into full on black hatred. Musically it's pretty solid. Besides some of the singing that really isn't my think, my only other issue with this release is the layout. It feels like maybe they weren't exactly sure how the j card would print as there are some blacks that don't match up and look pretty awkward. The text is pretty nice but then there are some punch out letters on the inside that make little sense with the rest of the layout. They could really have edited a bit there. All in all though, this is a solid offering. Limited to 100 numbered copies.

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