Friday, February 4, 2011

Dead Weight "the Age of I"

Dead Weight
the age of i
MInd Melt Enterprises

More straight up hardcore from Mind Melt here. Again not really something I really listen to much anymore unless I am feeling nostalgic. I have becomel very ignorant about hardcore in general these days. It seems like such a throwback to a time that never existed for many of the people involved. I remember missing out on seeing Inside Out and Youth of Today for one reason or another way back when but these newer bands see to be made up of people that weren't even born then. It makes me feel old and a bit confused really. Dead Weight play what sounds like tough guy hardcore. Cro-mags and MMA probably have similar influences here. The recording on this one is pretty good as it sounds legit. If you told me this was from 1990 I would probably believe you. Musically I wish that it were a bit more aggressive. I think everyone playing hardcore these days needs to pick up the End On End 7" and listen to that thing back to back with Cro-Mags "age of quarrel" and then grab a guitar and write the craziest shit ever. Maybe avoid using wah wah pedals, which this cassette has.

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