Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aural Antithesis "no concept"

Aural Antithesis
no concept
self released

First of all, this kind of packaging is what I first fell in love with when it came to this renaissance of cassette tapes. Found and damaged and not caring about how "pro" it may look. Recycled paper wrapped around a Maxwell brand cassette with printed inserts and a sticker and then the case just jammed around the whole package so those little pegs puncture the paper. Awesome. This aesthetic first struck me as a wonderful way to "judge a book by it's cover". It's fucked and therefore the music will be fucked. The two sides of this cassette show two different sides to AA. The first is a mellow and layered soundscape of synths and various textures. Really beautiful and reminds me a bit of the early Emeralds releases on Hanson Records. The second side is way more aggressive and twisted. Heavy noise brutality. You will not regret picking this up. There is only 20 copies though and I am not sure how to get one of these besides having it handed to you at a show last night. You could try this.

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