Friday, February 25, 2011

Arvo Zylo "saint street"

Arvo Zylo
saint street
No Part of It

Harsh noise instantly pummels you on this release over it's ten tracks. It's a bit on the long side but the note I received with it informed me that it is made up of two separate full lengths. Lots of interesting dynamics throughout both sides of this cassette. Not totally a HNW but punishing enough to make you need to take a break between side one and two. Subtle moments of melody desperately try to break through the noise like someone trapped under ice. Quiet dark at times but it avoids the whole blackened noise thing and just barrels straight ahead in the way some of the later Birchville Cat Motel releases did. I think this may have benefitted from being broken up into two releases but it's pretty damn good.

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