Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fuck it. I am doing vinyl and 3" cdrs now as well.

For weeks now I have been turning down vinyl and cds for review. It's been kinda weird but i had wanted this blog to be focused entirely on cassettes. Dead Formats was my love letter to what i considered to be a dying format. So often people either download a record from a blogspot or pop a cd into their laptop, import it and shelve it. I wanted the spotlight to be on something that you needed to interact with. Something that, although you could import into a computer, took a little doing. I have decided that both vinyl and 3" cdrs really fall into that category. I can't put a 3" cdr into my laptop, nor do I have one of those lame USB turntables to import my records. I need to actually put one on each time I want to listen to either format. I will still be focusing mainly on cassettes. Those get top billing here. If you would like me to review a lathe, 3" cdr of something on vinyl feel free to send it along and I will give my two cents but I prefer cassettes. First up for vinyl will be the Irr. App. Ext./Blue Sabbath Black Cheer collaborative 12". This is going to be an important record and people need to know about it. I should have that review up this week. Stay tuned.

Also I think I am going to start all my non review posts with "fuck it" for now on.

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