Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guilty C./Maaaa split

Guilty Connector / Maaaa split
Triangle Records/XVP/Chaosynod

Holy shit. I am writing this right after I finished this for the first time and I am floored. I wasn't expecting this. Two very short tracks of intense noise and cacophony. Guilty C. is from Japan and sounds like being trapped in a giant Katamari of trash and death. Non stop horrendous noise that just wraps around your head and starts to crush it slowly. Maaaa hails from Poland and Russia and they have created a track that causes a ton of anxiety from the use of dogs barking alone. Frequencies and scraping sound accompany a giant choir made up of rabid animals. This sounds the way much of the Eastern Block looks. It's all very dark and horrid and I love it. Limited to 100 copies and obviously almost gone.

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