Friday, February 11, 2011

John Macedo "Pastel Blue and Clinical White"

John Macedo
pastel blue and clinical white
the Black Plume

The simple design for this release is striking. This is one of those ones where it can only look this good as a cassette. The vinyl could be done in the same way and look good but this is just a perfect thing to hold. Minimal and stark. The titles of the pieces are also a description of the packaging. The definition of cohesive. I want to give this a great review on that alone but there is the sounds to address. Luckily those are also fantastic. Simple analog synth improvisations done with the same amount of restraint as the aesthetic part of this release. Obviously someone with a great ear and some mastery of his equipment. My only tiny issue with this is that they give you a download code on a sticker that is right on the cassette and it kinda breaks up the nice design a little. They should have just slapped that sticker on the inside of the j card and kept the tape stark (I flipped the tape in the photo so the B side is facing out). Still real good.

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